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Howlite bracelet with silver cross, Frosted Marble White Genuine Howlite 8mm Beaded Stretch Religious Bracelet with Silver Cross. Handmade bracelet made with 8mm white Howlite beads, silver cross and accent beads. Howlite encourages creativity, communication, and emotional
expression, also known for its calming qualities. Available in 2 sizes, great gift for men or women. Please message us and ask if you need a different size and we will do our best! Our bracelets are made with special care and attention to detail, and are all made to be extra strong and durable. Each one is hand strung on double-strung
0.7mm stretch cord. Each bracelet also comes in a unique and colorful graffiti-inspired vinyl casing featuring 15th century designs and original one-of-a-kind artwork, handmade by
the shop owner, designer and artist, Collin. You'll love using this as a slim and convenient credit card wallet once you've received your bracelet!
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