Allenworks Art

My mind is always racing with new ideas for paintings and sculptures. Many are visions of things I imagined and would like to see come to life in art form, but many of the ideas come from the materials themselves, I use recycled products for a myriad of reasons – cost, availability, and environmental – but the main reason is, it’s my source of inspiration. I have always looked at things from a different perspective, seeing the beauty in everyday objects often taken for granted: not only are these things taken for granted when they are being used for their initial purpose, but they are easily and quickly discarded when they are no longer needed or useful. The things I create are gleaned from a childhood of looking at broken windows, cracked door frames, and discarded beer bottle caps and seeing not what had been but what it could be. My goal is to morph the discards of life into something beautiful and intriguing, and maybe to remind people of the importance of looking at things from a different angle every now and again.

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