Collin Allen Art > Cut and Assembled

The Cut and Assembled series has been in the works many for years, through time and effort. Collin Allen worked with the photographer Eric Fisher using his fashion photography to create the base images. This created a new way to mix art works through collaboration in a unique way. Each one of the pieces in the series use an Eric Fisher base image that's been edited my Collin Allen and a a secondary image to break up the base and create a forced perspective that pulls you in. Both the base image and the secondary image are hand cut and woven together to add to the complexity of the finished image. The series uses 60"X 52" salvaged aluminum screen printing frames as the finished frame. Each one of the frames is unique and each piece art is made for the frame. The materials for these pieces are all from industrial processes that are not used for fine art, but have a place in it that I've created.