Collin Allen Art > Isolation 2020

I never thought 2020 would go the way it has. Ten months ago I was working on new projects and building to my future. Then one day everything changed!

So many things happened in such a short time span that I truthfully didn't know what to do. I ended up spending more than a month sewing to masks for people. I created videos on how to sew masks, make cord, and sewing machine operation. This was all I felt I could do.

There wasn't much point in making art because I wasn't going to ask people to go to a show during covid. All the galleries that I had plans to show at in 2020 were closed. So what was the point. I can't say that this wasn't overwhelming because it was. Then one day I found string binding the wheels of my shop chair. The chair I had sat in sewing masks. As I pulled the string out the pile grew and I was overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts of time spent in the chair. At that moment, I saw a pile of plexiglass and the spark was back.

People call me a process artist and while that might be true in some ways, it is also not true. I capture moments of my life and time through my work. This is where my life is now and I can't turn my back on who I am or what I do as an artist. This collection of works is my time in isolation during covid. Thankfully I wasn't alone, my wife and children were with me. Please be grateful for the time we have be given and the lives of all our loved ones. Remember we are together in our hearts and we will be together once more when it's safe. We are staying away from those we love because we love them!

All works from this section and time are available. Please contact me for details on price, shipping. Please be safe