Collin Allen a native Wichitan that has been active in the local arts community for more than twenty years. He has been involved in the arts programs at both Butler County Community College and Wichita State University and expanded his knowledge base in the arts while researching industrial processes and their application to art. Collin was an artist in residence at the Go Away Garage Gallery in Wichita Ks. and continued to work for the Go Away Garage Gallery as a gallery assistant, preparator, and in public relations. Collin has been part of multiple group and solo art shows around the Wichita area including shows in reginal, national, and international galleries. In addition, Collin was part of the Wichita Arts Alliance. Collin is continuing his work on industrial processes at Go Create on the Wichita State University, Innovation Campus. Collin is also working on his BFA in Studio Art at Wichita State University