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The Graffiti serving trays were made in a sticker bomb style that has become common on many urban streets. Each sticker used on the trays are made by Collin Allen from a collection of prints and designs from his Artbomb show. Only three will be made in this size and with these combinations of art. The art used for the sticker surface are made from a mash of graffiti and 1500's etchings. The trays are unique to say the
least. The buyer of each tray doesn't get a choice on which tray they receive. Number one will be sent first, then two, and then three. The colors on each tray are blue, red, green, pink, black, brown, purple, yellow, teal, grey, and orange. The basically contain all the colors.
Saints, ceasers, skulls, spray paint cans, religious, and non religious themes are all there on the tray

Please contact Collin Allen with questions

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Graffiti Serving Tray
19"X 14"